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Unemployment Direct Deposit - How to get it

In most of Unite States, government now offers Unemployment Direct Deposit option as an improving service to those Unemployment Insurance recipients.

Via this program, you can receive your weekly payments of unemployment insurance claims directly onto your bank checking account, instead of direct payment card. Therefore there is an increased convenience for your accessing the fund as long as your bank participates in this direct deposit program. If you wish, you can still use a Direct Payment Card method as before.

With this convenient option, you can check your account balance anytime between 7:30 and midnight Monday through Friday and all day weekend including Sunday. All you need to have at hands is a checking account number and access code online.

Once you register the program, it will take approximately five business days and the deposit will begin within three days after the payments are released by the Department of Labor.

How to Get Unemployment Direct Deposit

Through this direct deposit program, your life gets much easier than before. It only takes a minute to sign up for this option and the approval process is pretty quick. In order to sign up for unemployment benefits direct deposit, go to your state unemployment website and begin filling out necessary information and submit. Mailing out any written document will only get the process delayed.

Once you filled out the initial request, then wait for a couple of weeks until it is fully processed. They will have to verify your bank account information and you will still keep receiving the unemployment insurance checks in the mail. In case you have changed your bank account details in the meanwhile, then your expected wait time will be another 2 more weeks.

One tip that you would like to know while you are registering your unemployment direct deposit program is that you should not click the back button on your internet browser while in the middle of process. If would make your process void and the result will be ended up being empty at the end. So you will have to start the entire process all over again. If you had chosen so, just make sure that your bank account information is kept safe.


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