Qualifications for Unemployment Benefits


Am I eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

If anyone wants to apply for unemployment insurance benefits, the fist thing to check is if he/she is qualified for it because unemployment insurance benefits are not available for workers who were unemployed due to their own fault. One of the eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits is that applicants should have worked for a certain amount of times (usually number of weeks and number of hours each week), in order for them to be qualified to apply the benefits program. Each state has its own eligibility requirements, it is always best practice to ensure what is required before fill out the form.

You will receive unemployment compensation depending on the amount you have earned while you were working.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, just file a claim and your local unemployment office should be able to determine your eligibility as well as compensation amount.

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Qualification for Unemployment Benefits

You may be disqualified for collecting unemployment benefits if you are in any of the following circumstances:

You are fired for misconduct
You quit your job without good cause
Resigned due to illness (check on disability benefits)
Left to get married
Involved in a labor dispute
Attending school

When you quit your job, will you be able to collect unemployment benefits? It will depend on the case. Mostly if you walked out voluntarily, then you are definitely not eligible. But if you have left for good cause, you might be eligible and able to collect the benefits. Such as good cause is determined by your state or local unemployment office and you can make a case for why you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

When if you are not qualified?

After you filed a claim and if it is denied, then you are entitled to hearing session through which you can plead your case with your own reason with supporting documents.

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For questions regarding your local Unemployment Benefits please go to Unemployment Phone Number for each state.