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There are increasing numbers of Americans filing first time unemployment insurance claims recently, indicating that the labor market is not yet ready for the next rebound. As of week ended Jan. 22 2011, numbers of applications for jobless benefits increased to 454,000 according to the Labor Department announcement. In the meanwhile, the number of those who are collecting extended payments reduced. There has been a sign that the economy has improved so far, however it has not reached to the point of reducing an unemployment rate. 50 states and territories reported a decrease in claims, but three reported to have an increase instead.

Unemployment Insurance (UI) is a program that will pay benefits to any qualified workers in case they become unemployed through no fault of their own. It is an employer paid program based on workers’ past earnings and there are number of state running workforce commission centers that are helping out unemployed workers in the local state. The unemployment trust fund will be supported by employer taxes and it is now allowed for employers to deduct any money from their workers’ paychecks in order to pay for this program.

You can request the benefit payments by internet or visiting to the local UI office. They will mail you the detailed information on how to request payment of UI benefits.

Is My Unemployment Insurance Claim Confidential?

Overall it is kept confidential; however some information will be shared with certain government agencies when the law allows it to be released for specific needs. The information collected by these agencies will be used for programs like Medicaid, food stamps, and child support. In some state, they will share information with certain bank when they use debit card because they manage their bank account, while the private information will still remain confidential.

How Do I Stop My Claim When I Get a Full-Time Job?

When you find your new job and don’t need to receive the payment, simply stop requesting payment by letter or visiting to the unemployment office. You may be eligible for a partial benefit payment if you get back to work between payment periods. Make sure to report your earnings during your last payment request, by reporting your wages during the week while you earned them. Do not calculate your wages when you received them.


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